Full Tiki-Con Smallville Panel

If this does'nt work..go here to watch at the site dothesmash.blip.tv/
Key moments for me :
@23:16 You see Michael wave to his left..Yeah he was waving at me!
@27:47 Angy asks her question..Michael then speaks Italian to her.
The part when Sam talks about the episode where he is naked - that was us that were yelling, and Michael pointing this out.
Then the last question was from me "Fan of Sam naked" as the host called me!

*NOTE* This video was not taken by me..Im just sharing.Credit goes to dothesmash



Tiki-Con Friday

This is gona be a long ass type up people...there is just soo much goodness to share...Where to begin..Im not gona bore you with my my travel details, simply i flew from Glasgow-Philidelphia-Cleveland.I arrived at 5pm friday made my way to the Wyndam Hotel which is in downtown Cleveland - which is a gorgeous city, truly Metropolis!.Met Angy - myfablexy and we snuck me into the hotel, it was originally only booked for one so we kept my being there a secret.
Previous to the con Angy had been in contact with the orginizers and asked if it be possible for her to do some journalistic work for her website whilst there they said that be okay....So when Angy arrived at the con on friday they gave her a press badge FOR FREE which ment she didnt have to pay the $30 for the con ticket.Imagine my surprise when i arrive and find out that i also get a press badge - i was acting as her translater..i speak no Italian..but if it gets me a press bagde then im all in.

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This guy is smokin' hott , I can't play his brother

Right this is the last attempt at this..Goddamm you Lj sometimes.
Here are the pics i took at A3 - scroll bar and all.

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And here are my fellow attendees
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Oh and a icon - graphic present for anyone who can tell me where my title quote is from and by whom!!!
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Oh and a icon - graphic present for anyone who can tell me where my title quote is from and by whom?

Im sorry i can't hear you..Your too small

I have for the past 30mins being trying to write up my A3 experience...it's not happening.Lj is being a biatch..i dont have the paitience right now..nor the time.
Plus im missing details..and i like details.So until i can remember them all i shall give you pictures..
Yes thats what we all want..the pretty

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He has been found.How i have missed him.

Maxim's 10th Annual Hot 100 Celebration - Inside
SANTA MONICA, CA - MAY 13: Actor Michael Rosenbaum (R) and guest attend Maxim's 10th Annual Hot 100 Celebration Presented by Dr Pepper Cherry, True Religion Brand Jeans, Stolichnaya Vodka and Corona held at Barker Hangar on May 13, 2009 in Santa Monica, California.



Paula is going to ASYLUM 3 to see all these very pretty people.

Somehow i managed to bag a J2 / Winchester Squeeze Photo Op......Yup +Me + Angy +J2 = HAPPINESS.