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I had to be naked....

I am well aware that is beyond over due…sometimes real life takes over and all things fun related take a back seat. Ive been mia for a while real life can be a nagging biatch at times.
But I am back and with that I bring a present…SAM WITWER

As y'al may know myself and myfablexy went to Cleveland Ohio, met a load of faboosh people including our beloved Michael.We had the pleasure of interviewing Sam, this is what he had to say.

So the scene is myself Angela and Sam all alone in a quaint room.. sitting in a triangle formation..practically touching toes.We being at chat about Comic Con and other conventions he had been to.

Sam: I did Star Wars celebration in Los Angeles, so i guess it's not really my first show.Yeah Comic Con was for Smallville

Angela: Had you started on Smallville when you went to Comic Con?
S: With Smallville i came in after we had shot for a day, so i had very little knowledge about my charcacter, i just pretended like i knew..
Paula: You just nod and agree..
S:Yeah (imatating a reporter) "So what will we see from Davis, what will he be like"?...Uhm i think he's like this and he looks like me and kinda sounds like me a little bit, so yeah.
A: Im sorry for my english..
S: Im sorry for my english..
A: *laughs* She understands me so she will help translate for me.

A: The Smallville version of Doomsday is a little different from the comic book version, did you know of the character before taking the role?
S: I was called in for a meeting with the producers of Smallville - i had no idea why they wanted to talk with me.So we sat downand started to talk about this character Davis then they told me this whole story about Davis and how he eventually winds up being Doomsday. I knew who Doomsday was 2 weeks before i read, i saw the Doomsday feature on X-box live and i was like "Oh that gut..the jerk"
A: This guy..
S: Yeah, not the coolest guy
P:That was before you read?
S: Yeah it was very sudden when i got the call, i got a call from Dave "Hey Smallville producers would like to sit down with you"...Great why?? " i dont know"
A: How did they find you?
S: I dont know , i dont know what they saw that led them to me.They saw something wither it was Dexter, Star Wars or BSG i dont know.

A: I talk to you as a huge Superman fan, and at the begining i didnt like your character, but your acting changed that - i love Davis, your perfect as him.
S:Oh thankyou
A: I dont like the other one..the monster...*laughs*
S: Yeah, he works out too much, he is soo aggressive..*laughs*
A: He just doenst work for me..Was that you or someone else?
S: No that was one of the things about the role, anythime Doomsday was on set i was hanging out with my friends or sleeping , doing anything but acting.And this poor guy Dario had to get decked out head to toe in prosthetics for the Doomsday sequences, so there he is sweating it out and im getting all the credit
P: Good job Dario
S:Yeah good work Draio, im indebted to himto a certain extent for keeping my character alive while i didnt have to do anything
P: You get to have a lazy day
S: Yeah, i did voice it i believe, i would go in and just scream my head off and they would digitally alter it

A: So are you off Smallville?
S: I am officially off Smallville yeah
A: So you dont come back for the 9th season?
S: I cant comment on wither i will or not....
P: Oooohhh
S: And thats it litterally - as i myself do not know. I would guess no but uhm..
P: Would you want to go back?
S: Sure. If what they had was a good idea for a storyline
A: I dont know what is wrong with the producers, they are always killing or getting rid of the best characters..
S: *laughs*
A: Supergirl, Lex Luthor.Is it not stupid? Your character brought a great strength to the show now that some of the older cast have left
S: Its not entirely their fault. This last season , everyone thought season 8 was gonna be the last season.So my character was based out over  one season, and we knew this going into it that by the end he was gonna die, and when they realised it was gonna be more than one season my character was already committed on that path, he had already gone so far on his journey he couldnt pull him back from where he was at.
A: But Clark had seperated the two, the human and the beast
S: Right well i guess they stabbed that part...*laughs* I think what would have happened had they known they were doing another season, they woud have stretched the same story over the two seasons as apose to one. What i would have enjoyed, i would have enjoyed being more of a normal guy for longer so that it was more heartbreaking when he turns.We had to rush, we had to move along, he has this problem he is dealing with it.It would have been nice to stretch it out over two seasons, that would have been really cool.No-one knew that  that was gonna happen, so its not really the producers fault they were doing the best with what they had at the time.They did such a agood job that the ratings went up and they got another season.So i think the producers deserve a tremendous amount of credit for that.
They turned the situation around, the situation where everyone thought that was it, expected it to be the last season, theywere expecting to wind up the show.When the viewership spiked, bumped up or whatever it was they had to rethink there strategy so..
P: Its not a bad thing..
S: Yeah

A:Maybe you can come back once more?
S:They mentioned something, they threw around a few ideas, there was one that we felt was a great compliment to me but wasnt the best creative choice for the show.There were all these corners they would have to paint themselves out off.So we - my people were like "do your own story, dont worry about us.Dont feel hampered by...i cant really go into specifics but there was ideas.We just didnt want them to feel responsible for me.While it was very pleasant to be on the show it wasnt so pleasant to be on a flight every week
P: So you flew back to L.A every week?
S: Yeah every week to L.A, L.A is my home, i have a lot of responsibilities in L.A, so i was on a flight by the end of every week, that was tiring, but again wonderful experiences.
Im one of those actors who likes to jump around from part to part
A: And Vancouver is cold
S: Ahh yeah.Y'know its funny, its yes and no. Im from Chicago, i so i like to think im toughwhen i comes to the cold but..
P: You got used to L.A weather??
S: I got used to L.A weather. So i go to Vancouver and we are shooting, it doesnt occur to you when..I grew up in Chicago "Yeah i can handle the cold, no problem" It doesnt occur to that when your out in the cold shooting for 15hrs, your like "Okay no... this is terrible , its really tough" but i suppose that makes up for the time when its an easy day..sometimes.And you feel like a total loser, your being lazy, cos the crew - they never have easy days, the crew are busting ass 24/7 the entire time they have a full job, the crew are always working.
Me?.. i might have 2 scenes a day, 1 scene tomorrow and a scene the day after, and they are always going. But every now and then you get a brutal day, and makes you think now im earning my pay.An example would be...there was this shower scene early on. i believe we were shooting that shot for 13hrs
P: For a shower scene?
S:For a shower scene!
A: The where you..
S: The one i get blood all over me, i thinkthat was 13hrs, it was at least 10, maybe it was 10, there was..No wait im thinking...
There was a scene where, no, yeah the shower scene was 10hrs.The scene that was 15hrs  that we shot over 2 days was the one where they dump all the greenstuff over me
A: The kryptonite?
S:Yeah, that was a 15hr shoot that day the  we picked up 5/6 hrs next day....So that was no fun.But the thing is..
P: It will look good
S: Yeah, and they are paying you enough.
And i had these red contacts on and James Marshall directed that episode - a great director and hes great for the show.James had a camera set up above me..so slowly i look up at the camera , up at the spout and i cat tell if my eyes are closed or open because ive got the contacts in.The green stuff was getting under the contacts
A: It was actually green?
S: Yeah it was and its coming down under the contacts..im entirely blind.It was totally uncomfortable, my eyes are watering just thinking about it.I couldnt see , i honestly could not tell if my eyes were open or closed, i tried to open them, they were open to a certain extent.
So most of the time your cruising along and they are paying you way too much every now and then you have a hard day.

A: How was it to work with Allison Mack?
S: Shes great, a sweetheart.She's been doing it a long time, a great help, we had a lot of fun..she is a very fun girl.
A:You had most of your scenes with her
s: Yeah i think i did, i like all the cast members, ill say the coolest guy on set is Aaron Ashmore, coolest guy.
A: Aaron is super
S:He is the most laid back, down to earth , hardworking guy and a good actor
A: He's very grounded
S: Yeah , totally

A: What are your future projects?
S: Im putting in an appearence, a small appearence in a fun role in a film called "Gamer".And right now im really trying tofinish our 2nd album.Ive a musical project called "The Crashtones", i really owe it to myself and to people that are soo gracious enought to listen to my music to get new material out there.Ive been trying to baricade myself in the studio, its slow going, anythime i get any momentum i get an acting gig and have to get into that..its creatively very hard to keep pace with it all.So hopefully ill have some time , its alot of fun.

*There was some confusion over the TCA's and if he was nominated..but anyhoo*

A: Would you go?
S: If i win they better tell me ive been nominated *laughs*
Im kinda a bit of a , i keep to myself. I dont jump at every opportunity to go to some party or award show -and thats no disrespect to the awards show or whatever it is. Y'know i like to live a quiet lifem, well maybe not quiet but i keep yslef to myself.Certainly if i needed to be there i would ..but i dunno.

A: Lets talk about your music, did you start acting before or after?
S: Musician first. Thats what i wanted to do.i wanted to be an actor in 5th grade, but switched to being a musician. My parents kind of forced me into auditioning for Julliard for drama because they wanted me to go to a college, so one of the schools i auditioned for was Julliard, i somehow got in.
P: Wow
S: So i went to Julliard as a musician and wanting to play in a ban and it got swallowed up by this acting thing, i was a little resentful.I knew i was very lucky but i was having a hard time wrapping my head around the life of an actor, so when i finished training i figured that seen as though i had trained i might aswell put it to use.But music is kinda my pet project, thats what acting pays for, i spend alot of money on muscial equipment and i really enjoythat and again ive been busy for the past 2/3years so i havent had the opportunity to do music as mush as i would like to, ive played a few shows here and there.My band, i formed a band The Crashtones, it started out as a solo project and then formed as i cant play all the instruments as a live band.And some of these guys have some very interesting industry careers for example Brian Taylor one of my gutarists is a writer/director who wrote/directed Crank, Crank 2.
P: Is this their side project too, the music?
S: Brian is into music but his main thing is writting/directing, i mean its something we all do to blow off steam, my buddy Glen Howard who i went to Julliard with- he is a producer ansd star on a  show called "Its always sunny in Philidelphia"
Both of us : Ohh yeah
S: Very very funny, he plays Dennis on that.
So when we all have time and wanna blow off steam we get together and we play Crashtones music.Which i am fortunate to do, im fortunate enough that these guys like my music enough toget together and just let me be the singer and play my music.
Its really a wild show when we get together, buts its hard to schedule and record.Its been a little frustrating.Im soo lucky that i have been working consistantly, but its nice to have a break every now and then to get to do some music stuff

A: What do you prefer , being a part of the BSG crew or Smallville crew?
S: That is a good question...Uhm
A: I I know that both are like a family
S: Y'know maybe because BSG happened first, i mean nothing at all against the Smallville crew but BSG is when i was really in love with it, i got on that show because i knew the casting director, and when i saw the mini series i flipped out, i went crazy for it.I told my agent to contact the casting director and tell them i wanted to guest on the show and the casting director came backwith a series regular role on the show - which i wasnt expecting. I auditioned for it and a month later i got the call that i had got it and there was some complications how that show went for me, i think they go into it on the BlueRay on one of the episodes so i wont bore you with that story, but overall having worked on a show of that high quality and worked with those actors and been given the great freedom to adlib and create words out of nowhere right in front of the camera, that might never happen again, having that level of freedom as an actor has forever spoiled me.
For Smallville one of the reasons why i took it was because they offered it to me, they didnt make me audition.
P: You didnt audition?
S: No, no i did a little read at some point..
P: S o they werent looking at anybody else?
S: From what i understand they apparently looked at other people but had me in mind - thats what they told me.I met with them early on and they read a couple of guys and they wanted me to screentest but i wasnt available.
A: You have the perfect look for Davis
S: They told me later that i was the guy they wanted , there were a few times there was a situation were i wasnt available and they kept looking for somebody else and came back to me and offered it to me, i wasnt exactly willing to do ituntil they offered it to me and the reson for that was that it wouldnt allow me to do it the way i wanted to, because if youare an actor who is in anyway percieved as  begging or desperate for a job you may not have as much influence or say as you would when they ask you, but when they ask you you can at least say "well here is how i would do it,  here is how i work".
I took it , i was a little bold maybe, too bold from some angles.Like changingcertain lines or speaking up a little but it was never out of disrespect i just wanted to make the product better and they semed to like it, they wanted to figure out a way for me to be on the next season which was very generous, very gracious of them i guess, so i didnt offend them to badly bringing a little bit of my BSG training in, then again i wasnt changing the material as much as we changed it on BSG, which was off the wall.

P: Did you follow BSG all the way to the end?
S: All the way, oh yeah all the way through
P: What did you think of the ending?
S: I loved it, thought it was great, i mean yeah i have my little gripes here and there but it doesnt matter, the show was great, it was a wonderful wonderful show.
I really liked coming out with something for the first time in front of the camera, its a challeneg to go onto a show and see how far you can push it without getting into trouble, they allowed me the freedom that i wanted so at the end of the day it all worked out and theywere really cool about having a 2 way dialogue, they were always receptive, sometimes they agreed with me sometimes they didnt.At the end of the day its there job to call the shots and my job to come up with ideas - everyone was trying there best.

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